The Best Part 1: Travel

We all want the best. The best taste, the best price, the best look, the best experience. How do we get there? Sometimes we haven’t a clue, and sometimes we have lots of information, but we just don’t know what to choose.

I am a beauty expert and an experienced traveller. I have been to Europe, Mexico, Canada, and most of the United States. I love traveling. I love seeking new experiences as often as I can. Even though I love luxury and exclusivity, I also love a bargain. I like to save money one place so I can use it at another.

As far as travel, I like to save as much as I can. Sometimes I drive my own car. Usually I will rent a car like Avis, or Thrifty, or Enterprise. I like to use all in one sites such as Kayak, or Expedia, or Orbitz. You can use them to search for hotels, cars, and flights. I also like Hotwire if I want a good price without knowing who I will be using until I pay.

There are plenty of other sites for hotels, some offer the best prices and others offer the best information on the properties. I’ve used Trivago,, Hotel Tonight for general hotels. I also have joined specific hotel sites for their loyalty program such as Choice Hotels, Wyndham, Hilton, and IHG group. You can also try Best Western, Marriott, Hyatt, DoubleTree, La Quinta, etc.

When I fly, I start with Kayak, because not only do you receive info directly from their site, you can also see other sites you can try as well. I am a member of a few airline loyalty programs such as SouthWest, Alaska Airlines, KLM, and JetBlue. If you are a frequent flyer, join the airlines you like best to get exclusive perks. If you use credit cards, a lot of them offer company specific and general travel perks when you use their Visa or MasterCard.

I like to travel in style, I like to look nice and be comfortable. These days, comfort is the key. There is some clothing that is made specifically for traveling. I recommend Patagonia for durability, Anatomie for luxury, TravelSmith for lightweight pieces, Athleta sporty athleisure wear,Orvis for cool comfort, Magellan for safe and comfortable travel as well. I like to travel light because I don’t like to pay for checked luggage, and I can use everything I pack several times when I stick with a matching color scheme like gray or black. There a new bags that are in plane friendly- they can fit under the seat as well as overhead in the bins. Some are carried with handles, some are on wheels, and some can be used as a backpack which is a popular “personal item” bag.

One of my favorite places to shop is Amazon. I have a prime membership and it saves me a lot of money and has extensive suppliers and products to compare products. I also like, which used to be They are a global site that sells a lot of items a reasonable prices.