The Best Part 2: Sunscreen-yes, Dark Spots-no

Beauty. Love it! Makeup is so much fun! Part of beauty also is good skincare. I have had personal experience with a lot of different products because I have a few things I had to deal with and treat them. That’s one of the reasons why I become an esthetician, so I can find out as much as I could about skincare so I could be able to help myself as well as others. I have had acne- both teenage and gestational ( when I was pregnant, I had a full face of breakouts!), and not I deal with occasional hormonal acne wear I’ll usually get one big zit and its usually around the same place between my nose and upper lip. I also have melasma, which is hyper pigmentation or dark patches on the face due to pregnancy, and chloasma, which is the same dark patches but hormonal and they both are aggravated by sun exposure. There’s also dryness and peeling, oiliness, fine lines, peeling, dark under eye circles, and other skin problems that pop up or are a constant battle.

I am always on the lookout for the best products for my skin and the prettiest makeup too. I love sites like Sephora, Amazon, and Ulta. I shop with them frequently. They have a wide range of inexpensive try me sizes as well as the top of luxury products. I am also an Influenster member. I get to try complimentary product and review them for others. My favorite product I received from them is Dr. Perricone’s Brightening Overnight Treatment. Even though it was free, it was perfect for me. It helped me with my dark patches right away. I had results the first time I used it. I recommend this product. You can find it at Sephora. 

One product I can’t live without is sunscreen. I have avoided a lot of unnecessary sun exposure and premature wrinkles by using it daily. I am helping to also protect my skin from melanoma which can be a deadly form of skin cancer. I am dark pigmented and have sensitive skin as well so finding a good sunscreen has been a challenge. I got used to the white ashy chalkiness of some sunscreens, but when I started breaking out with them, I had to research and use other products. I am a fan of sample and travel sizes. That way I could try them to see it they work before I buy the full size and they are handy for actual travel as well. I like Ulta because they have a sun care sampler with several types of sunscreen to try. I also purchased Supergoop’s Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil since it is moisturizing and no white ashiness. My favorite sunscreen lotions are Coola Sports SPF 50 lotion, L’Oreal Paris Advanced Sincere Silky Sheer 50+ Sunscreen and Eau Thermale Avene Ultra Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion. For day and night regimes, I recommend Specific Beauty Radiance Repair for night and Active Radiance Dermatologist Strength Formula SPF 30 for daytime use.