Thanksgiving is Near!

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am truly giving thanks. First though, my thoughts and prayers are with all involved in any of the terrible disasters going on right now, especially here in California. I have personally been to both Paradise, Ca., and Malibu-Agoura Hills, Ca., where these devastating fires took place. Please all, heal!

I am blessed. I thank God everyday for my blessings. I take nothing for granted. We are not promised all we want, but there’s always something to be thankful for. I am not perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and live your life the way you want to and follow your dreams. Don’t give up!

I’m going to be doing some cooking this year. I’m in a new place with a new stove and refrigerator s I am along with my twin sister Opal Giselle, will be trying Some new recipes. How does corn pudding and turkey with sage dressing sound? I’ll also go with a traditional staple- a honey baked ham. Bon Appetit!

Blessings to all 🙂