Stress vs. Eustress

Hello everyone. My constant need to find happiness has been stressful indeed. We all want to be happy. Yes, happiness is in the eye of the beholder, but whatever that is is a delicate balance of good stress versus bad stress. Stress in itself is not bad because it can help us to decide what is important valuable versus what is not.

Good stress or eustress is when you have to choose or ponder a decision that has a good outcome like if you have multiple job offers and you have to choose which one to accept. Or where to go on vacation? Paris or Maui? Right! If we don’t stress over things, then hoe do we know what’s important? Do we just pick something just because it’s easier, not be because we ‘stressed’ over it to make the best choice?

I definitely don’t like bad stress. It can really mess with your health! Stomach ulcers come to mind, headaches, cortisol release- all bad!

How do you cope with stress? One day at a time, one minute at a time? I admit, I do feel constant stress, yes, it’s not good. I spent years on anti anxiety and depression medications because I didn’t feel like I could cope on my own. I have since weaned myself off of a harmful drug that kept me wired and stressed. The weaning process was brutal and I advise anyone wanting to change or stop a doctor prescribed medication to only do it under the doctors supervision. With that said, I am now ready to handle my stress in a more natural and healthy way. I am practicing meditation, mindful breathing, cutting down my caffeine intake and just trying to be grateful of the blessings I do have.

There are days when I am stressed to the hilt and feel sorry for myself, but, I’m learning how to deal with these negative emotions more effectively. I like “Law of Attraction” because what you think, you attract. Makes sense right? When I know that things can get better immediately just by thinking so, I feel a lot less bad stress.

Try this!