Summer and Survival

It is certainly summer now! It’s hot everywhere. Summer is a time for vacations and travel. Make the best of your time by enjoying the weather, but also preparing for the future. Now is the time if you haven’t already done so to prepare for a crisis before one happens. Don’t wait until disaster strikes before taking action to survive a chaotic event like an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or even a government crisis.

Make sure you prepare a disaster kit and a plan with your loved ones on what, where, and how to deal with a crisis when it happens. Have an escape plan ready, and make sure everyone knows what to do. Maybe even do a practice run, especially if you are in a place with more than one floor to navigate.

Be sure to have plenty of water, food that can be eaten without heat or electricity, a crank radio, batteries, flashlight, portable tent, blankets, and items such as matches, knives, foil, ziplock bags, and duct tape to survive for several days or even weeks. Keep these smaller things in a waterproof backpack near somewhere that’s easy to get to in a hurry. Know where your important items like birth certificates, drivers license copies, insurance papers, photographs, etc are accessible too.

Make sure your medications are portable and handy to be able to grab quickly.

Cash on hand is important too. Don’t rely on banks and ATMs to be functional or available during a catastrophic event.

It would be wise to learn how to live off the grid because you won’t know how long you will have to be in a survival mode. If you have room, try gardening for a ready food supply. Even though we don’t want any of these things to happen to us, we still should be prepared for any and everything.